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Dr. Sha has relocated to Tampa Florida as a Certified Health Coach and Human Movement Therapist - No Podiatry or Insurance - Just Great Time Tested Evidence Based Support, Diagnosis and Treatment of Foot & Postural Complaints
– Live at SNAP Fitness (Florida) and Virtual (NYC and the World)
- 20% Discount for Essential Workers
- 20% Discount for New Patient Consultations & Custom Foot Inserts
- Courtesy 10 Minute Phone Consultation call Dr. Sha @ (845) 536-3338.

14637 Chatsworth Manor Circle, Tampla, FL 33626
(845) 536-3338
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Foot Orthotics & Training Plans


Functional Life

Welcome to Dr. Sha - Health Coach

Office Hours

tuesday 9:00am - 7:00pm
wednesday 9:00am - 7:00pm

I am Dennis Shavelson DPM and LifeStyle Podiatry is my unparalleled root cause professional practice that specializes in human movement, biomechanics, custom foot orthotics, running, compensatory threshold training, sports medicine and fitness.

Health Coaching Programs: LifeStyle Adjustments - Sports Medicine - Performance Enhancement - Exercise-Fitness - Fall Prevention - Biomechanics “From the Up” - Kinesiology Taping - Stability Foot Inserts - Stress Reduction – Nutrition - Brain Health

Root Solutions Health Coaching with Dr Sha

Root Solutions Health Coaching offers you more than just a personal trainer – It’s adding the most technologically advanced and loyal, personalized health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle partner for living life with increased fun and enjoyment. Dr Sha’s revolutionary platform offers Personal, Text, Facetime and Zoom communication with a seasoned biomedical professional and his staff. whose mission is to make over brain health and fitness while reducing stress, injury and performance issues using nutrition, exercise, education and care, “From the Ground Up”.

Root Solutions Health Coaching starts with 12 questions to answer that provide the foundation for us to work together (no obligation).

Working together with clients, Dr Sha has helped thousands triumph beyond their previous expectations. Call (845) 536-3338 for a courtesy 10 minute consultation.

Makeovers for Nutrition, Fitness, Wellness & Human Movement Employing Result-Based Evidence and Your Needs & Objectives


The Foot Stabilization, Support & Balance Program

center of excellence

Determine Areas of Collapse Then > Repair > Re-educate > Retrain > Coach
Develop a Partnership That Supports Your Progress & Success

The Brain Juggernaut Program

center of excellence

A personalized synthesis of Nutrition, Education, Testing, Training, Exercises and Behavior Modification that sharpens, rewires and improves brain memory and performance, GUARANTEED! An evidence informed program that boosts existing brain neurons and promotes new brain neurons that think critically, can function under stress, is resilient in the face of stress, is creative and socially active

The Holistic Nutrition/Dietetics Program

center of excellence

An integrated nutrition program that uses natural foods and supplements along with healthy eating habits, stress management skills targeted to your lifestyle and pocketbook. Dr Sha and staff are attached to you to offer support, guidance, monitoring and coaching via personal encounters, texting, emailing, Facetime and Zoom. This encourages your confidence and means that results happen faster and are more long term.

The Integrated Exercise/Human Movement Program

center of excellence

There are seven basic movements the human body can perform and all other exercises are merely variations of these seven: Pull, Push, Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Rotation and Gait.

See What Our Happy Patients are Saying

Dr. Shavelson is amazing!!! I came to him after injuring a tendon in my foot that runs up the inside of my calf. I had no idea what it was - my ankle was swollen and I limped around for a few days before find Dr. Shavelson on ZocDoc. From the moment I met him, I felt like I knew him my whole life.

Selena C. review stars

Dr. Shavelson gave me advice on how to handle a juvenile bunion. Although I will most probably need surgery he did not pressure me into getting the procedure done quickly, and instead went through measures I could take to fix it slightly and prevent the bunion from getting worse, and to correct the mechanics underlying it so that if/when I do have surgery, I will be more likely to make a permanent recovery.

Anon. review stars

I had such a great experience with Dr. Shavelson. He took so much time to investigate my condition and personable and helpful. I'm very relieved to have found such practice.

H. H. review stars

Absolutely fantastic doctor. Quickly recognized my ankle problem wasn't in fact any ankle problem but a high foot problem. Prepped himself before our meeting based on what info I gave him. Very professional, highly recommend.

J. F. review stars

Dr. Shavelson was very kind, knowledgeable and helpful. He went above and beyond to educate me about the root cause of my issue instead of just giving me a quick solution. I would highly recommend seeing him!

J.F. review stars

Centers of Excellence

A Center of Excellence is a facility that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for a focused area of care.

Center of Excellence for Heel Pain

Pain on the bottom and the back of the heel has become the #1 reason patients seek the care of a podiatrist.

center of excellence

The Foot Typing Center @ LifeStyle Podiatry has spent decades focusing on the nonoperative root causes of painful heels to the point where w can call ourselves a Center of Excellence for Heel Pain.

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Center of Excellence for Sports Medicine/Athletic Performance

LifeStyle Podiatry has worked with professional, university, high school and elementary school athletes and weekend warriors, dancers and gym rats.

The excellence of our care is that in addition to curing complaints, we improve the structure and function of both feet in order to improve performance and reduce future injury.

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Center of Excellence for Neuropathy

Nanophoresis® is the movement of microscopic particles that are small enough to pass through the pores and microscopic spaces of the tissues from a water soluble solution into the tissues and eventually into the circulation.

Using Nanophoresis® of oxygen nanobubbles to deliver oxygen in the feet where there is reduced oxygen or not enough circulation is changing the lives of those who try this noninvasive, no side effect therapy.

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Centers of Victory™

A Center of Victory™ is a facility that successfully cures complaints or accomplishes something that others cannot.

Center of Victory™ for Biomechanics/Foot Orthotics

center of excellence

Dennis Shavelson DPM, our Medical Director, has invented and U.S. Patented The Foot Centering Theory of Structure & Function, a revolutionary paradigm shift for practicing lower extremity biomechanics.

The combination of his RestorThotics®, the only clinically proven U.S. Patented foot orthotics and his Foot Centering Training Program insures healthier human movement.

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Center of Victory™ over Ugly Toenails

center of excellence

LifeStyle Podiatry is the home of The Toenail Clinic NYC where we provide victory over fungus toenails where others have failed. Our custom programs are the most foolproof on the planet.

In most cases of unhealthy toenails, there is only a superficial fungal infection. That is why victory over ugly toenails is hard to accomplish by those focused on killing fungus.

We are more victorious because we treat factors like repetitive microtrauma and wetness in shoes the primary root causes of ugly toenails in addition to treating the fungus on a case to case basis.

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Center of Victory™ over Flat Feet

Feet flatten because they cannot withstand the force of gravity when we are grounded. Starting with a function foot typing locations of collapse are exposed and treated foot type specific with kinesiotape and restorative foot orthotics and then trained foot type specific using The Foot Centering Training Program.

In most cases of unhealthy toenails, there is only a superficial fungal infection. That is why victory over ugly toenails is hard to accomplish by those focused on killing fungus.

We are more victorious because we treat factors like repetitive microtrauma and wetness in shoes the primary root causes of ugly toenails in addition to treating the fungus on a case to case basis.

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Listen to a Broadway Stars Story

showcase image

Our podiatry care is custom tailored to your specific ailment and circumstance. No two people are the same, and we make sure that all of our treatment plans and practices keep that in mind. Listen to what Broadway Dancer working on Aladdin Angelo Soriano has to say about Dr. Shavelson and Lifestyle Podiatry