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14637 Chatsworth Manor Circle, Tampla, FL 33626
(845) 536-3338
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Due to the Coronavirus Crisis, LifeStyle Podiatry may not be able to provide office visits to our existing and new patients as we have for decades. But we can offer the best alternative possible to those who need Podiatry care now.

During the current crisis in order to maintain lines of communication and seamless care, the phone lines to LifeStyle Podiatry as of March 17, 2020 @ 2:00 PM are bring forwarded to Dr Shavelson’s cell. This means that you can call the office # (212 343 3668) and speak to the doctor or leave a message that will be returned by Dr Sha.

In addition, LifeStyle Podiatry is expanding its ability to offer I-Phone, Android, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop Computer users Phone and Video Visits and Consultations at reduced fees. Call for details.

Dr Shavelson is skilled at using text, email, images & videos in order to diagnose and implement treatment plans that for those of you suffering from foot, ankle & postural pain without the need for an x-ray or hands on experience can get a consultation with reduced fees.

Many of you are skillful at searching the internet for information on foot and ankle problems having to do with deformity, injury, functional limitations or quality of life issues. The problem is that once you know what you need, you may not have the time, insurance, or the ability to get your remaining questions answered about the products and services needed to proceed.

That is where Dr Sha & TelePodiatry come in as valuable allies. Call for Details or to schedule your TelePodiatry Appointment.

14637 Chatsworth Manor Circle,
Tampla, FL 33626