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Human Movement Therapy

Human Movement Therapy

The Human Movement System Starts at the Feet

The human movement system is, “a system of physiological organ systems that interact to produce movement of the body and its parts.” Human Movement begins with foundational stability, support, strength, symmetry and balance of our feet, without which we could not stand and move about without having postural pain, deformity, degeneration, injury and poor performance.

Because of gravity and hard ground and the rigors of living life, the Human Movement System is predictably breaking down and getting weaker with time.

At LifeStyle Podiatry, we have spent decades learning how to restore our clients suffering with weak, tired, painful feet and postures with muscle engine weakness and poor performance, underpinning biomechanical stiffness and hypermobility that rejuvenate and revitalize ones functional life.

Utilizing evidence based Foot Centering Training and Foot Centering Technology, we will work to give you the knowledge and treatment/training plan to make you more active and pain and injury free.

LifeStyle Podiatry is “The Home of Six Pack Feet”.

Complicated & Difficult Cases

Complicated and difficult cases

14637 Chatsworth Manor Circle,
Tampla, FL 33626