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NanoPhoresis® of Oxygen Nanobubbles Bath for Neuropathy & PVD

Nano®Phoreis is the movement of microscopic particles that are small enough to pass through the pores and microscopic spaces of the tissues from a water soluble solution into the tissues and eventually into the circulation. This occurs naturally due tsucking mechanism called Diffusion when there is a higher concentration of molecules (in this case oxygen molecules) in the water and a lower concentration in the tissues. This occurs until the concentrations are even.


Using Nanophoresis® of oxygen nanobubbles to deliver oxygen in the feet where there is reduced oxygen in the nerves or not enough circulation to bring oxygen in the tissues is changing the lives of those who try this noninvasive, no side effect therapy.

There is scientific evidence that topical application of nanobubbles of O2 and CO2 can alleviate pain in patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy*.

*Nanobubbles Of O2 And CO2 For The Treatment Of Peripheral Neuropathy A series of 29 consecutive patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy from various causes were treated using a footbath with 1 gallon of water infused with Nanobubbles of Oxygen and CO2 for 20-30 minutes. The foot bath infused with Nanobubbles of O2 and CO2 provide statistically significant improvement of pain in patients suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy from various etiologies. Over 60% of the patients treated had their pain reduced by 50% or more; this is significantly superior to the published results on prescription drugs (Gabapentin, Lyrica) currently used to treat peripheral neuropathy.

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14637 Chatsworth Manor Circle,
Tampla, FL 33626