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Fungal & Ugly Toenails

Fungal & Ugly Toenails

Fungal Toenail Center of Victory

After 30+ years of personally curing Fungal & Ugly Toenails, Dr. Dennis Shavelson established The Toenail Clinic of NYC in 2016

Fungal Toenail Center

The Toenail Clinic NYC is a spa-like medical experience with:

OSHA Approved Hepa Filtered Air
Sterile (Autoclaved) Instruments
Athlete’s Foot Care
Sweat Control
The PinPointe Fungus Killing Laser
Power Nail Filing
A Podiatry Medical Toenail Pedicure (no polish or tips)
Shoe Wardrobe & Heel Height Fitting and Adjustment
Biomechanical Exam & Eval for Underpinning Problems

Onychodystrophy is ugly, damaged, dry, brittle and infected toenails, and at least 60% of the time, there is no fungus infection.

Onychomycosis (Fungal Toenails) is one form of Onychodystrophy that involves colonization (infection) of toenails with living fungus and rarely is it the most important factor in ones ugly toenails. That is because 90% of the time, the Fungal infection is a secondary pathogen that manifests when it succeeds in finding a weakened host toenail to invade and colonize, usually the 1st, 2nd and 5th toenails.

Fungal Toenail Center

Who acquires Fungal & Ugly Toenails?

  • Those whose feet sweat a lot or work in or around water
  • Those who wear  shoes with low and narrow toe boxes
  • Those with root cause biomechanical pathology 
  • Those who are stressing their feet enough to produce clinical signs and symptoms (corns, callus, bunions and hammertoes)
  • Those with poor circulation or diabetes
  • Those who are overweight
  • Those with Athlete's Foot (Fungus of the Skin)
Fungal Toenail Center

On a case to case basis, Ugly toenails results from a combination of one or more of six (6) problems that when diagnosed and treated at The Toenail Clinic, insures a custom cure.

  1. Shoes:  Shoes are a source of repetitive stress on toes (microtrauma). In addition, they act as the incubator for fungus and other pathogens
  2. Unhealthy Toenails: Unhealthy Toenails ingrown, deform and thicken and then become fungal
  3. Biomechanical Problems: Problems with support, stability, strength, symmetry and balance in our feet increase repetitive microtrauma to the great toenail, the most common ugly toenail underpinning by far
  4. Excess Sweating: Excess sweating provides the moisture necessary to colonize fungus and make toenails brittle. Excess sweating must be controlled.
  5. Athlete’s Foot: Athlete’s Foot must be diagnosed and treated to prevent both fungal infection and re-infection
  6. Fungus Toenail Colonization: Fungal colonization must be diagnosed and treated aggressively when present/suspected

Key Takeaway: All Bees Are Insects but Not All Insects Are Bees. All Fungal Toenails Are Dystrophic but Not All Dystrophic Toenails Are Fungal

The Toenail Clinic® answers the important question so many frustrated ugly toenail sufferers continue to ask:

Where can I get indulgent, secure, clean and professional care for my ugly, painful, ingrown, pinched and fungal toenails that will finally work after so many failures at a cure?

Answer: The Toenail Clinic NYC

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14637 Chatsworth Manor Circle,
Tampla, FL 33626